Friday, March 5, 2021

Still editing the leftovers, trying to salvage what I can of the combination of a wide angle lens and my giant head. It’s easier than setting up my lights again. 

The theme on my mind lately has been loyalty. After experiencing a couple suspiciously-closely-timed departures in the last few weeks, I’ve been appreciating who has always been there and I’m grateful for people who stick around. Actions have always meant more to me than words. I’m pretty open about that. 

The paragon of loyalty to me is Samwise Gamgee. Tolkien said that he considered Sam to be the real hero of the Lord of the Rings, and rightly so. Sam is simple and unassuming, but by no means weak when it comes to his unwavering commitment. He represents the best of what we could be. As Frodo sets off on a new path, away from comfortability and safety, there is no question in Sam's mind that he will follow right behind. So sure of his duty, he does not hesitate. Right to the very end, in the face of danger, he picks up his friend with what strength he has left, saying “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you.” 

True courage isn’t always shown with a sword or shield. The courage that matters is staying by someone’s side, no matter what. Keeping promises. Protecting. Never failing to come to the rescue. Being willing to fight for them against great odds. Yet, more impressive than a single act of great heroism, is walking through the trenches and the mud, every day, until the journey is over. For the long haul. I would take that loyalty over all the words and promises in the world.

When the time came, I'd get you up that mountain, too.