Thursday, May 27, 2010

A look into the suburbs of Wheaton. I've always felt that suburbs weren't the place for serious photography. It's so nice and clean. I'm trying to get that thought out of my head so I've been forcing myself to relearn how I see suburban neighborhoods. There's stuff there when you learn to see it, I guess. I think a place being too familiar has a lot to do with how you respond to it, so I'm trying to be objective. I also really hate modern cars in photos, it feels so...wrong. I don't know why. I would feel very differently about this photo if it had Jettas and Hummers parked in front. Still working on getting over that.

After taking these today I happened upon a site that sells contemporary photography and saw some ridiculously overpriced work that is pretty much what I have here.

850 pounds for this? That's $1,234.66.

If you're interested in a little insight into how my brain operates, you should know that sometimes, on rare occasions, my mind is so dumbfounded by the most average, ordinary things, and how much praise they get. This in turn, makes me so intrigued, I almost trick myself into liking it. Things that are so crappy that they're good. It's absolutely backwards, but I can't help it. I spend so much time trying to figure out what people could possible see in this picture of some pine trees and a car parked on the curb that I end up being very emotionally invested in the piece. I think that's it. Some kinda emotional response to dumbness. Over time I've been drawn more and more to uneventful events, dullness, the commonplace in everyday may be that it all stems out of this desire to understand it for myself. Pretty friggin deep.

Oh, and if someone wants to overpay me for any work you see here, please do. Please. Do.