Monday, October 12, 2009

I was up before any man should be to go to the earliest class any man has ever taken, but I did remember to charge my camera the night before, so I was ready to see what I could see. The gas station was definitely very crowded. A lot of business goes down before most of the world wakes up, but I didn't get a lot of it because shooting at 1/15th is hard when you're trying to be sneaky. The only keeper was this one which I actually stepped out of my routine to take. I walked to the other side of my car and stood there in the middle of pumps, wondering how suspicious I was looking. Doesn't matter, I got it.
These weird mannequins are all over the place at my school. We graphics people have to share the school with other groups, like fashion people and gamers. I don't see giant video game consoles sitting around though. The human part is played by the girl at the counter. It would have been great if she was wearing one of those weird dresses. But we photographers are realists, we take what's in front of us.
Now this is interesting. Every day when I drive over this little bridge, there are bottles sitting here. They are different every day and so is the number. One day there were four. Today, one. I don't know who puts them there but I am going to try and get more of these on different days. I had to stop in the middle of the road and reverse the car to get this. It's important.
This guy is from the theater we went to Saturday. I took probably 10-12 photos and they were all blursville. This is the only one that was acceptable. I'm pretty sure he is looking at the camera, too. It annoys me when a camera only goes to ISO 400 and is noisy like the dickens but you still can't get a good exposure. Pretty soon I'm going to get so angry that I'll just use flash without caring. +1 for a new LX3.