Thursday, October 8, 2009

I had my camera in my hand almost the entire drive to school, looking for something blog worthy, but nothing came up. A fallen roadsign caught my eye, but a passing car ruined the chance. Some guy went crazy and cut in front of me and then swerved all over the road. He had crazy hair, so it made me laugh. I'd normally get a case of Thurman family road rage, but instead of just tried to pass him and get a picture of his probably insane driving face. It failed. I got to school and crossed paths with this fellow Erik, who was especially formal in his attire. He always has interesting things to say. It gave me an excuse to stop and watch what I understood to be gamers playing hackeysack. I had my camera out and snapped some photos of the goings on, under Erik's radar. A few of them would have been keepers had the autofocus not been set to infinity. His shoes alone made for a worthy photograph, and I would have been happy with that, but as another individual made an offer to buy some cigarettes, I snapped what I now title, "The Exchange." Good enough for me.