Thursday, October 29, 2009

David Mounts. They don't come better that this guy. He may seem bored, but this was just his 2 second break, then he was back to leading the conversation. Red Lobster had good chicken, which is lucky for me, or else I wouldn't have had dinner.
This is my grandpa's little battlestation set up in the garage. It's a small little room in the back and pretty closed off from the world. Inside there are ham radios, computer parts, collections of old magazines, and of course, his guns. Oh, and a little bullet making factory. Because why not?
I've been listening to him play with these radios since I could walk, and I've even done my share of talking. It's very garbly. It's a hardcore hobby for a lot of people, apparently, which I don't entirely get, and that itself has a bit of appeal. I bet they wonder why everyone doesn't talk on old radios, just like I wonder why everyone doesn't want to be a photographer. It's fun.
Let's not forget golf clubs. Golf is a game I can only play when I'm having fun, and the only way I can have fun is to follow 0% of the rules. My grandfather and I have very different feelings on that issue.
It's important to note that this club was, in fact, made in the USA. I think it's a generational thing. I think it would be equally cool if it were made in Japan. Perhaps more so.