Saturday, April 24, 2021

I got an anamorphic lens for my phone and I hadn't considered all of the new things I could do with it. I bought it out of convenience to save myself the trouble of having to stitch panoramas together afterward, but since it allows me to get everything in one exposure, I can use it for moving subjects and for more photojournalistic purposes. While the aspect ratio itself is naturally cinematic, it's difficult to tell a story or compose elements when they're across several frames that are put together after the fact. You're kinda guessing and hoping it might come together. Now I can place foreground and background elements exactly how I want them. The lens captures so much more of the surrounding details and context in the horizontal plane (55% more to be exact) which reveals more without making the subject insignificant in the frame or making the viewer feel distant. It seems simple but it's been a really fun way to look at the world.