Friday, November 8, 2019

I got Jeff Bridges' new book, which is the second part to his fantastic first book. You probably don't know him as a photographer, but he's been shooting on the sets of his movies for years. His rare behind-the-scenes perspective paired with the cinematic look of his Widelux camera with black and white film adds a familiar yet surreal look to things that few people get to see. These are two of my favorite books and they really inspire me. I share a similar vision. Shooting on the set of a movie has always been a huge dream of mine. I also love the look of the Widelux and the extreme wide panoramic photos it produces. That's one of the reasons I've been shooting that way so much recently.


I stumbled into photography after a brief obsession with filmmaking. After high school, I liked making goofy short films and learning as much as I could about filming and production, but one thing I learned quickly is that it's hard to do anything without a budget or people to help. 

Photography was something I picked up to do by myself. I didn't need to depend on anyone else to go out and shoot. It's just for me. Self portraits take that idea even further because I am both the capturer and capturee. There's something really personal about them. I've been taking more lately because people rarely take photos of me. If I don't record myself, I won't have any way to remember myself. I'm not in a lot of the family photos in my collection. It's like I was never there. There are large gaps in my life that I wish were recorded. I can't get that back. Therefore, It's my job to document myself just as much as everything else.