Sunday, June 28, 2015

Old place, new photos. If you're curious about the red leaves, allow me to ramble about it. These were shot with a full spectrum camera with a Tiffen Yellow #12 filter. The yellow filter blocks out visible light in the blue part of the spectrum but allows red and green to pass. Because a full spectrum camera is just as sensitive to infrared light as it is visible light, the infrared takes the place of the blue. You are then left with an image that is red, green, and infrared instead of RGB. The raw image has blue leaves and a green sky. In photoshop, you can use an action to flip the three channels so the sky turns back to natural blue but the blue leaves turn to pinks/reds. It's a digital version of the old Kodak EIR or Aerochrome films. They were originally used to show which vegetation was healthy, indicated by the level of infrared light they reflected back. Cool, huh?!