Sunday, November 11, 2012

There he is.
I'll be shooting black and white for the rest of the year. Perhaps longer. I feel burned out. Sucked creatively dry by color and its ways. I want to be photographically selfish for at least some part of the year and shoot everything how I see fit.

This blog isn't for crowd pleasing. It's for moment seizing.

I don't need you, colors.

Color is the type of friend that invites themselves over to your house and eats all your Cheese-Its, and then when they leave you feel guilty because you wanted some Cheese-Its too but you have to be a good host so you let them eat all of them without saying anything. So you spend the rest of the night feeling like a bad person with no cheesy snacks to comfort you and you think to yourself in the darkness, "what am I getting out of this relationship?"

Black and white would never do that to you.

I also remember when I wrote what I wanted on here. When I started thinking about using this site as the main place to show off my work, I felt like it should be more PC. Make the commentary more reader friendly and generic. No more of that. I have two gifts in life. Pressing shutter buttons and making sarcastic, witty comments that are really only meant to make myself laugh when I read it later.