Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Uploaded with my new (old) iPhone, which functions as an iPod Touch at the moment. I found some free camera apps that do pretty much everything the paid versions do. Even if they don't, I just refuse to pay for apps. Ever. Here's a handy list:
  • Gorillacam - adds a bunch of features to the camera including time lapse, self-timer, antishake, and a "press anywhere" shutter button
  • Polarize - iPhone polaroids! They're downsized though, not large enough for prints
  • ClassicTOY - Comes with a few film simulation filters
  • Format126 - Has an option for square photos with a border, along with some color and BW filters (used for the photo above)
  • MoreLomo - Pretty basic "make the colors crazy and add a vignette" effect
  • RetroCamera - Lots of filters and options, but saves at a small size with a small banner at the bottom using the free version
  • MoreBeaute - Has a skin smoothing filter, works well
  • Photoshop Mobile - Duh.