Friday, April 16, 2010

This post is absurd! I went crazy today. Crazy for infrared. We took a trip back to MI to visit my mom and we stopped at my grandmother's in Colon. I haven't been there since I started doing IR with the G11, and it's such a warm-weather thing to do, so I walked around town for an hour. We went for a walk at a local park in Flat Rock later, and I took even more, if you can even wrap your mind around that.

There was a weird girl at the park who was swearing at her boyfriend and when I walked by she looked at me and said hi. I gave her the common sense answer of, "What's up, weirdo?" and she said "What? Did you call me a weirdo?" and I said "Yeah, I think so" and walked away. That seriously happened. She was a weirdo.