Thursday, November 19, 2009

I finally did it. A huge breakthrough. In my lengthy search for the perfect Slide Film filter/action for PS, I finally came across a magic set of numbers that all came together perfectly to finally give me what I was looking for with my colors. I was kinda going off of what I knew about Kodachrome's characteristics, but whether or not it exactly replicates it doesn't really matter. Looks enough like slide film to me. It finally came down to using the Selective Color tool to go through and plug in the numbers to each individual color. Lots of trial and error. These images are a few from NY and Shikago that were either originally done as BW or with another junk color action. This finally does them justice without the insanely saturated colors, especially the reddish-oranges, that the camera kicks out. If anyone actually reads this blog and wants to know my secrets, I will share them in exchange for 30 awesomeness points.