Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally got out to Ann Arbor after many failed attempts. I didn't think I got a single thing, but even though a lot of these are even worth printing, they're good enough for the world to see. I'm now using 1% of my picture storage, so naturally I'm going to have to be sparing when it comes to future posts. I got to really test the G11 in battle and it gave me some insight about its limitations. It's quiet, sure, but at least twice I missed a shot and ended up getting someone's feet as I lowered the camera. I can definitely use it for people standing around. I had my 40D as well in case that happened. It takes me probably a good half hour to really get into the groove of street work where I lose some of my reserve and I go after things I want. It didn't help that I had about half an hour of good light. Still, even if I really didn't get anything, it's fulfilling just to walk around and be open to possibilities.