Thursday, October 15, 2009

So this guy. I walked up to school and this guy was rolling a cigarette. He stopped and stared at me the entire time I walked past like I was catching him doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing. At first I thought he was a homeless person taking a break outside of a design school, like they do, because of his wacky hair and odd collection of things. He wasn't the first person that stared at me like that either. Some old man at my apartments stared at me the whole time I walked to my car. Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely hate that.
Chris Marshall. Smoker. He gave me a pleasant hand gesture as I took this, which is to expected.
I've been fascinated by this little area for a long time, and I've taken a lot of photos of it, some in color, back when I thought that was cool. I think black and white suits it better, which is how I feel about everything again. ISO 3200 is such a valuable speed for night shooting and I'm quick to make use of it since I don't care much about the noise. I forgot how much more useful my 30D can be compared to the limitations of my smaller cameras.
I always get caught by this light. So here's my wiper blade.