Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The ol' meet-on-the-lawn-and-make-business-calls routine.

We were convinced this lady was high on something and rambling on to these people trying to enjoy the fall day. It's probably more funny than the reality. She had a crazy look in her eyes though.

Monster. The drink of valets everywhere.
My photography has surprisingly slowed since the G11. I go through a process where I am much too careful with new gear, so I'm still admiring it instead of using it. It is much more useful than the Sony I've been using, and it integrates with the rest of my gear much better. I'm looking forward to working it hard since I'm not paranoid about the shutter wearing out as much as I am with the 40D. I made a custom color setting on it and I love the JPEGs it's producing, so I'm really accepting color more since it's more consistant and doesn't require a lot of processing. Unfortunately, it's black and white capabilities are not so great because everything is very flat. Lots of dynamic range, but no rich blacks. That's what Silver Efex is for, though.