Saturday, September 5, 2009

I really love how easy it is to fool some people. I can walk right up to people, point the camera right at them, then look at something else while taking the picture, and they don't know what happened. Shooting from the hip was very easy because of the "stealth shutter" feature of the 40D's Live View. Some people do notice the camera, but I keep the camera held up until they pass and they think they were just in my way. These were taken at a small flea market in Centreville, MI, so it was a different situation than walking the streets. People linger, especially when browsing boring antiques, so you can stick around and shoot the same people over and over, and there's no real rush. It was overcast most of the time but the clouds broke and glorious sunlight started falling upon all those weirdos, making me work twice as hard to capture all the ordinary splendor.