Monday, September 21, 2009

I came home from school today and look what I found trying to trip me. Some rude fellow left his cables all strewn about my path, so it goes without saying that I was very wary of my steps thereafter, so this trap was clearly all for naught. I'm still having this war with myself over the BW vs. Color issue. I look at one photographer's work and it makes me want to shoot color every day but then I look at another and it inspires me to stick with black and white. I found a blog by Chris Weeks, who is an amazing photographer with a lot of skill and a lot of fine equipment. Most of his street work is black and white and so sharp you have to view it from 10 feet away. Of course he shoots Leica. Why wouldn't he? Anyway, I haven't come up with any system for decided on the format yet other than my gut feeling while I'm editing. I like the imposed rule of shooting one or the other as it was with film, but then again I also thought it would be cool to find a 256mb memory card to try to get as close to 36 exposures as possible. I find that when I put these limits on myself for "fun," I'm always more annoyed because I miss a shot. I'll have a crap lens on and then somehow find myself in the middle of a crowd and I'll want to make sharp pictures. There is no winning with this stuff.